Friday, 10 June 2016

If you follow me on the reg then you will know that i had my eyebrows done (semi permanent brows) about a month ago now, and it was time for my top up.
After a month you go back and get your top up to make sure they are perfect. In this month you can assess what you want changing slightly because the base it already done so you can't change anything too  drastic.
I knew that i wanted to go darker because i dye my brows so i wanted a more suited colour to the colour i dye them to. I also wanted them longer on the ends to make my eyes look less round (strange i know but i have really round eyes)

So i went back to see IBROWJUNKIE which you can find her in Ryton near Newcastle and we discussed what i wanted and she went ahead and done the thing she does best.

I am sooo pleased with how they have turned out and i cant wait to see them healed 100%. 
My next top up will be in a years time! 

Have you had semi permanent makeup before? Are you interested in getting it done?

If you are then get in touch with Ibrowjunkie's admin - 07792546707


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