Charcoal Rescue Masque £38

I was invited to a Dermalogica bloggers event in Newcastle the other week to try out their new Charcoal Rescue Masque and to teach us all about Masque Mapping.

We got the full ins and outs of the Charcoal Rescue Masque and i love hearing all the scientific ways that it helps and what ingredients help your problematic skin. The whole thing behind Masque Mapping is that your skin is different in each areas of your face, so your cheeks and chin may be dry but your t-zone may be oily so instead of putting a masque all over your face you should have different masques for each part. You may know what areas need what kind of masques but if you don't you can head to your local Dermalogica counter and ask them for a Masque Map of your face and they can tell you what your skin is like in the areas and how to help it.

This was super interesting to me because i have a dry chin and forehead in between my brows but everywhere else is oily so when i normally put a face mask on my chin and forehead then it dries it out too much whereas it works everywhere else.

Yes it sounds like more work and more masks but to help your skin where and when it needs help its so worth it to achieve that near perfect skin.

I have used this masque twice now and i love it. Its meant to be an all in one, its meant to help with dry skin as its got particles in to help exfoliate but also it has acids in to help brighten the skin to make it more awake.

Have you tried this yet?


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