Love Bridge Bracelet - Thomas Sabo £110

Eau de Karma Perfume - Thomas Sabo £48

Charm Club Forever Perfume - COMING SOON

So when i met up with the lovely lady that does PR for intu eldon square, she took me into Thomas Sabo and i had never been in before so i was in awe. The shop was gorgeous and classy. The ladies in there were so lovely too, they handed me a big goody bag and they told me i had a rose gold Love Bridge Bracelet inside. I soon got in that bag to have a look! They do free engraving there and then too. So on the spot i was asked what i wanted engraved on my bracelet. Obvs it was only right to get GTWL on along with some unnecessary but very necessary hearts on either side. You can chose what font, what emojis and what text you want on. 

How good is it that they do it there and then? Imagine buying a present for someone and to make it that little bit more personal getting something engraved for them?!

There are loads of different designs to choose from as well as different colours for example the bracelet that i got comes in silver and gold.

In the bag along with the bracelet was two perfumes, one is the BRAND NEW one that isn't even out yet! It comes out in may so i suggest you make a mental note to buy Thomas Sabo Charm Club Forever!
I am so fussy when it comes to perfume, i am the type of person who sprays every scent and not finding any that i like so i was super surprised to see that i loved it! Its fruity but not too fruity.
I wish smell-a-vision was a thing.
There was also Eau de Karma which is more musky than fruity but i LOVE it. I really cant decide which one is my favourite. 

You need both in your life asap.
If you're based in the North East then make sure to pop in to see the guys at Thomas Sabo in intu eldon square! 

Have you tried any of Thomas Sabo's products?


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