After following IBROWJUNKIE on instagram for a while now we got talking and thought it would be good to collaborate. As we are both northen gals she couldn't wait to get her hands on my brows and honestly i couldn't wait for her to either.

If you follow me on instagram then i am quite open about what my flaws are and i uploaded a pic of my brows when they weren't 'on fleek' to show you they're not perfect. Makeup does a wonderful job for photographs but for the up close and personal everyday look it doesn't do well enough.
On my left brow, where my arch is, some of my hair grow downwards which makes them look so untidy and causes a gap because the hairs that should be there creating an arch are too busy growing downwards.

If you're looking at getting semi permanent makeup then always do your research, don't go to just anyone. Its a massive deal as its something you have to live with and lets face it, its a lot of money to invest and you need to make sure the person you're letting hands on your face is good enough.

After seeing all of Kay's images i knew she was amazing so i went and got my patch test, which is a must obviously as you need to make sure you're not allergic to the product that is going into your skin.

The day comes and i'm off to Beauty Boudoir where she is based in her lovely little salon, its super easy to get to as its based in Ryton on the main road. I head in and i am greeted with some form to fill in to make sure all the legalities are sorted. Whilst i am filling out my detail i have some anesthetic cream on my brows to numb them for 20 mins before we get started.

20 mins later i am guided into the room and we start discussing and designing my brows. Which i was so glad because i didn't want brows designed with how they think my brows should look like because we all have our own preferences. Kay got to work drawing what she thought would suit my shape but following my own shape, she draws this one with a black pencil so we can see any imperfections and then she asks me to criticise them and say anything that i don't like or what to change and after some alteration we are both happy with them. She was brilliant the way she didn't rush me and she took her time to make sure that i was 100% happy with them and she wouldn't go ahead with them if i wasn't.
Then we had to pick which colour we used and even here we wanted to get it right. Its not as simple as dying your hair because it all depends on your skin tone to how your skin takes the colour, it can make it cooler or make it warmer. In the end we went for a warm shade but not too warm and we mixed two colours together to get the right shade. 

Then it was time and now i was getting nervous. I have never had a tattoo or anything like that so i didn't know what to expect.
But she said she would just do light strokes to get me used to it and i was shocked at how little i felt! It was a breeze. The only time i felt it was towards the end when the numbing cream had worn off so she applied some more and waited for it to kick in so i wasn't in any pain. It normally takes about an hour for the actual procedure and half an hour for the consultation at the start.

When she is done she hands you a mirror and asks you to criticise them again and make sure you tell her any things you're not happy with and she will correct it, i only noticed a few little spaces so she quickly added some more hair strokes in.

The end result is amazing and i am super happy with them and i can't wait for my top up which should be in about 8-10 weeks.

After the procedure i didn't have any redness and i had to get on the bus straight after and i didn't have any strange looks which is a good thing as you can go back to normal when you get out. The only things you can't do are sunbathe, go on the sunbeds, get them wet for a week and touch them! Do not pick at the scabs, let them dry heal too.

I can't recommend IBROWJUNKIE any more and i think she is so down to earth that you really can trust her with your face! She even does lip outlining and eyeliner.

Do check her out and stay tuned for my updates to see how they heal.

If you want to see videos of this procedure then head to my instagram @girltalkwithlaura

Have you thought about getting this done or have you got it done?


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