Waistcoat - River Island £48
Trousers - River Island £38
Necklace - River island £10

You may have seen that i visited intu eldon square the other night as i posted on Instagram about a competition they were running. 
Well i met with their lovely PR girl and we had a chat about intu eldon square new spring summer campaign they have which is all about new trends. The new trends for Spring Summer are:
Pink Soda, Nautical, Imperial Red, Monochrome, Boho Bandit.
My challenge was to go around Eldon Square and pick an outfit for one of these trends, i chose Pink Soda because i don't wear much pink even though i do like it and its such a statement colour.

So we went around most of the shops that i would normally shop in starting with New Look, River Island, Topshop etc.

You can tell that pink is one of the hot colours this season as its all over the shops. My worry was that there wasn't going to be much in the shops but once you start looking you find so much of it. As you can see from the pics above these are my fav pieces that i found shopping and i took photos of the products there and then so its like you went shopping with us.

They always say, you always go back to one of the first shops you went into and that's so right. My whole outfit was from River Island and all cost £134! I think that's great as you could wear these pieces on their own or together as a such statement co-ord. (such a statement that i caused quite a stur on the mall taking these photos, everyone was asking where my outfit was from)

Why don't you revamp your wardrobe for under £150?! 

Check out their website for some inspiration to revamp your style!

What do you think of this outfit?!



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