My roots were in serious need of some TLC and i was lucky enough to get invited to Reed Hair in Essex to review their salon and try out a full makeover for my hair. I was in London for a meeting and it was just perfect timing otherwise i wouldn't have been able to visit since i am from all the way up North in Newcastle!

So when i rocked up to Reed Hair which is based in a beautiful place called Maldon with my suitcase etc i was greeted by the lovely ladies at reception with massive smiles and a salon full of customers. You could tell it was the Saturday hustle and bustle. Its such a lovely looking hair salon. At the front of the shop you have two beautiful chairs which look they don't belong in a hair salon more like a showroom but these quirky furniture pieces are what make Reed Hair wanna be the place to be.

What i like when i entered was that they knew who i was straight away, there's nothing worse when you have been invited to review a place and you turn up and they're like 'who are you?', not that i expect everyone to know me, not at all. But if i am coming to review you then at least you your research before and have a quick glance at what i look like so you know who to expect.

I was given a tour and had a good look around the three storey salon, which i wasn't expecting when i walked in. On the ground floor is where all the cuts happen, then you go upstairs to the colour station and you are greeted by a massive vase with the loveliest flowers. You then lead into the chilling out room which has some quirky chairs and sofas with the little details that make it homely such as photo frames, books, fresh water and lovely big windows. Upstairs is where you can get pampered even more with a manicure or pedicure and many other beauty treatments. You could literally get the full works done here!

Obviously if you spend all day there getting pampered then you're gonna get hungry right? Well they got you covered. They do lunch too! The question is, what DON'T Reed Hair do?!

We go going with my mop and she sat me down and asked me what i wanted (i still didn't know) but i showed her some photos and i knew what colour to go for it was just the style i couldn't decide on. So we got going with the colour and i was super intrigued when she started doing it free style. No foils. She basically painted my hair and it was magical. Coffee after coffee (eat time with different types of sweets) the colour was done and now time for the cut so we head downstairs. She didn't even ask to see the image again that i showed her, she just knew what i wanted, she didn't even ask about layers as the picture i showed her didn't have layers and i liked that. She done exactly what i wanted and i couldn't be more pleased about it.

The way they charge is by hour not by treatment. Meaning you pay for the person doing your hair which means when they have finished with your colour they don't go off to cut someones hair in the meantime. They are yous for the time you need. The girl i had was £45 ph and yes that sounds expensive when you think i was in there for 3 hours but added all up it would be around the price i pay for atm and here i got much more attention and detail.

If you're in the London/Essex area you need to visit this salon as i already want to go back. I am even considering going to Essex just to get my hair done, would that be mad?

Check out their website and what they offer.

Have you visited this salon before? Why have you not already made an appointment yet?
p.s what do you guys think of the fringe?


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