So last weekend i visited Made.com showroom in Soho in London and i loved every minute of it.
I am in love with the company and if you haven't heard of it before then it is a furniture brand which cuts out the middle man which makes it cheaper. It comes directly from the makers which means no physical stores, grouping orders by combining orders after every 7 days which reduces their cost of production as they only make what is ordered. This all means you save 70% off if you were to a leading furniture retailer.

My brother is obsessed with Made.com and with him just having bought a new house he has it all decked out with Made furniture which has me lusting over everything.

The type of furniture and accessories you can find here are very fashionable classic pieces. Think quirky meets quality.
You can find some really classy pieces from marble lamps to quirky garden swinging stairs.

The showroom is just like a pop up shop but it is there permanently. Its great if you are buying something big and important and you need to sofa sitting test or the bed lying down test because lets face it, it puts your mind at ease if you test before you buy.

They change the stock in the shop too to fit with their collections and their timeless pieces. They always have the most popular in store as well as seasonal collections, so when i visited they were showing off their new garden furniture to fit in with spring/summer season.

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