If you live in newcastle or round about then this one is for you!

I was invite to review an offer Beauty Boudoir have on atm and is on until the end of April. LVL lashes AND HD brows for £49 which would normally be £70.

Lashes and brows are something i couldn't live without. Now if you've never had anything done to your lashes before then you will never look back. I have had mine tinted and even that was a dingdong moment of 'why haven't i had this before'.

Beauty Boudoir is in Barmoor inbetween Ryton and Crawcrook, which is 10-15mins away from the metrocentre and is super easy to get to especially if you use public transport like me as there is a bus stop right outside the salon.

It is a super cute a cosy salon which is decorated just nicely and it is nice and bright. They sell HD makeup aswell as Millie Macintosh lashes which are my fav false lashes! 

After a nice chitchat and a coffee i was took into a lovely little room which had nice relaxing music on and the lovely Carly got started on my LVL lashes. Now the LVL stands for length volume lift. They basically stick back your lashes and set them with a perm like lotion and then apply the dye. I was super relaxed and was almost falling asleep especially with the little cushion they had on the bed, which i've been in plently salons and i've never had a cushion and i don't know why every salon doesn't have a cushion for your head?! Anyway after not as long as you would think my lashes were done and she got to work on my brows. Good luck. I have one good one and one awful one as hairs grow in the wrong direction and its just awful. Anyway she measured where they should start and end and where the arch should be. She advised me that my brows should be longer and one eyebrow is higher than the other one, so over time when i keep going back she can lower it to match the other one. It can't be done there and then because i would have a big lump out of it.

I really like how she guided me on how to get my awful brow looking 'on point' and the same as the other one. Once you get HD brows its advised to keep going to the same person at the same salon as they know your brows and what needs to change each time. 

As you can see what an amazing job Carly done on my lashes and my brows. They do lots of other treatments so check them out on facebook.
I know Vicky off Geordie Shore is a fan of this salon, if its alright for her then its alright for me right?!

Have you been here or have you tried LVLs before? 


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  1. Wow your brows look so amazing, as do your lashes! xo

    Emily | emsalice.com