Monday, 8 February 2016


Valentines Day is always a hard one. I don't really like to celebrate it because you should show your love and gratitude towards your loved ones everyday not just on one day.
But i am starting to warm to it and i spose its a day when its acceptable to be soppy.

Boys are always always hard to buy for especially for valentines day. I mean we want flowers, teddys and chocolate (typical) and boys don't exactly want that do they.

So what says love and cute in a none girly way?

Images are personal and sentimental and everyone loves photos right??

So why not print some of your favourite images of yous two in these Polaroid style pictures!? They are super cute and such good quality! 

They are even doing a valentines day special box with a valentines design if you want to make it extra cute.
What better way than to remind him of the best memories you have made.

They do all sorts though so if the Polaroids aren't your thing then why not get posters, magnets, frames or albums.

The boxes on these though are so handy to store your images in if you don't want to frame them or have them on display.

What are you getting him for Valentines Day?!


p.s happy valentines day Adam, this is your present haha

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  1. I love Cheerz products they are so cute and fun to display.

    V x