Monday, 18 January 2016

Christmas scents must go! Out with the festive smells and in with the new fresh zesty smells.

Luckily The White Company came to my rescue and had these sent through my door. There's nothing better than new scents filling your house to make you feel better and clear your head.

Diffusers are a such a good idea to creates scents in your home without plugins looking all ugly and burning candles during the day. I always feel like they make your room smell much more than any other item.
But The White Company candles are the best. They just look so clean and fresh and can go with any decor.

Now onto the new Lime and Bay scent.
If only we had smellavision. But just imagine fresh and zesty. The perfect new year smell.

It only launched the other day so quick go and grab it.

The packaging from The White Company is just perfect white boxes with black ribbon. Dreamy.


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