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Well, Happy New Year everyone! I have had a lovely time with friends and family bringing in the new year. Sorry i haven't blogged in a while but i believe in giving yourself time off rather than stressing getting blog posts live before christmas and new years.

Hope you all had a good one!

Its the new year.
New Year, New You eh?

Only joking. But it is the perfect time to start getting into action for your summer holidays. I have just booked mine and this is just the kick up the bum i need!

After over eating and drinking around the festive period i bet we have all put on a few unwanted pounds.

I have heard a lot about this Forever Living Clean 9 diet. People saying they lost 8 lbs in 2 days. I know that doesn't seem to healthy and people say its just a quick fix. But who doesn't want results asap? 
The worst thing when you're on a diet is when you see no results and you give up because of it. Whereas with this one you tend to see results within the first week which spurs you on to carry it on not only until you've finished the 9 days but after you have finished and carry on the healthy living.

This comes with everything you need. Booklets that tell you exactly what to eat and when. A chart so you can see how far you have come and how much weight you have lost as well as inches.

So the whole thing about this diet is the aloe vera gel that you have to have 6 shots a day. Everybody who i have spoke to says it's vile so just prepare for that. But i actually think its okay. Tastes like sweetcorn. The worst thing for me is the fiber sachets. But you can mix that with any drink so i think i am going to have to add mine to some cucumber infused water next time.

On the first two days you can't eat. You have some gel in the mornings and some food supplements and off you trot. For lunch you have some more gel and some more tablet but with a shake this time. For dinner you have some gel and some tablets. But you can have a small amount of free foods such as some fruit and some raw veg.
Plenty of water!

Day three you can start to add in a 500 calorie meal for dinner until day 9 when you can have a 300 calorie meal for lunch too.

Yes there's not a lot of food but its a detox. 
I would recommend starting it on two days that you are off work because yes you are a bit weak and the first two are the toughest.

You aren't meant to weigh yourself until day 3 but i was naughty and weighed myself after day one and i have lost 4lbs already!

If you want to know more or you are interested in buying this kit then head to this website or get in touch with Jessica through her instagram - jessica_mcalynn

I will be keeping you informed throughout the 9 days with a final post to show before and after photos!

Have you done this diet before?

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  1. Hey!im starting this on Thursday!how are u getting in with it?