Friday, 22 January 2016

I do love actiderm! But i didn't realise they done makeup!

The lovely Donna sent me some pieces to try which you can also pick up yourself for amazing prices! Just click the links above.

I'm loving HD foundation atm and this one is marvelous for £11.50! The consistency is a bit strange cause i found it a bit sticky and hard to apply. But my beauty blender done the trick and once it was on, it didn't move! I thought it was going to be too light too but once it was on it was the perfect shade. If you are unsure about your shade you can message her on her instagram account which is 'donnas_actiderm' and she can help you with shades.

Everything else went on perfect as it was like the best base. Then i started on the brows. This stuff is amazing. When you first try it you feel like you need a good amount on your brush but a little goes a long way! The colour is amazing. I found it turned into a powder when applied to the brows too which was good so it doesn't look too fake.

They do other amazing products too! I have tried their skin care and loved that so would recommend that too.

Have you tried any Actiderm things before?


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