3D Fibre Lash Mascara - £23

Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain - £18

Lucrative Lip Gloss - £12

Splurge Cream Shadow - £21

So many of you may have heard of Fibre lash mascara. Well i have tried it before and it is amazing. Its for those who don't have very long lashes and need that extra help without false lashes. You can apply your normal mascara first, then apply some fibres which add length, and then finally you apply the finishing step with is the gel which seals the fibres.

The results are amazing. The only down side is if you are wearing it for a long time i feel the fibres can start to drop out so you would need to keep applying the gel if you feel they're coming off.

Now i have never tried Younique makeup before and to be honest i didn't really know they done makeup i thought it was just the lashes.

Well they're makeup is just as good. Their lipstain is so good. Its for those times when you apply your makeup all over which yes it goes onto your lips so now you have foundation lips. Apply this and it brings out your natural colour but even better. This is also good if you don't like wearing lipstick at work because it comes off too easily. Well this lasts longer and so easy to apply. You also don't get the lip liner look when you haven't applied it in a while.

I actually said wow when i tested the eyeshadow out because it doesn't look that glittery when in the pot but when i tested it on my hand it was so nice. Its the kind of shade you apply first before you apply any other colour and its such a good base.

Have you tried any of the Younique products before?


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