Friday, 11 December 2015


Its that time of year where you've got no other option but to fake it. And with all those christmas parties coming up and NYE you want your tan to be on top form with no mistakes.

So you need the best tan you can get your hands on because a cheap one just isn't going to cut it. Although this one is pretty cheap atm with Superdrug having some deals on them so quickly grab them while you can.

The 'Tinted Tan Mousse' is one of my favourites to use and the medium shade is perfect. You can apply more to get a darker tan but with one application my tan is perfect. It goes on so easy and with their mitt you can't go wrong.

Its one of my favs because it doesn't smell like wet dog biscuits and it doesn't actually smell of anything. Perfect right?!

Moving on to the Dark Tinted Tan Liquid. So i have never tried this and i was very intrigued because i haven't heard of it or seen it around. What do you even do with it.

So it is just a liquid which is just the same as the normal stuff but not in a mousse form. Whats the difference i hear you ask. 

Well it dries instantly. Leaves no sticky aftermath because you aren't even meant to moisturise with this which i was like whatttt no moisturising before fake tan well this is going to look horrendous. But it doesn't. Just make sure you do exfoliate to make sure it doesn't get stuck in all those dry patches. 

So if you are after a good fake tan to see you through the christmas and new year period then heres your gal.

LLC  x

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