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Charlotte Tilbury is the new go to brand that i bet is on everyones christmas list. Its not even new just the hype around it is getting bigger with them expanding and opening in places such as there is one just popped up in Fenwicks in Newcastle which i couldn't wait for.

Before a bloggers event i went over and asked if they could do my makeup because yes i loved the look of the brand but i have never actually tried any of their makeup.

So she said she could do my full face for  £35 but that £35 was redeemable off the products so in essence i had £35 of makeup to get after the makeup. Obvs the look i went for was the Dolce Vita which she told me is the most asked for look. 

If you are not familiar with the brand they do certain looks. You can chose who you want to look like out of their choice and they do that look on you and can buy the whole look.

I did originally want the dolce vita eye shadow palette but they were out of stock because its that popular! So i went for the lipstick from the look and also the lip liner.

Its my first designer lipstick i have bought and it certainly wouldn't be the last! 

I love them and i can tell they are going to be my go to lip products.

Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury before? Is it on your Christmas list?


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  1. Oooo thats a very pretty shade =]


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