I have a serious case of weekend blues. This was the best weekend away ever.
So it was mine and Adam's 4 years anniversary and we never get each other presents or hardly celebrate it but this year we thought we would do something nice together since we hardly see each other with him living in Manchester  and me in Newcastle.

I have actually been to this place before as its part of Langdale Hotel and this is the part that i stayed in and i loved it. But then my brother stayed in the more exclusive/expensive part which is Brimstone which  looked sooo amazing. So we thought why not, splash out.

We decided to stay in the Plush room on the first night which is actually the cheapest just because we would only be arriving at 8pm and would be out early so wouldn't spend as much time in the room as we would on the second night. So on the second night we stayed in the Fireside Suite.

After a long and slow drive due to narrow roads and fog we arrived and couldn't wait to get in. We parked up in the Brimstones own car park and we were greeted by our host Chris who must have been waiting for us ( how cute). He took all our bags and took us around to show us the ropes. The best bit was obviously the Reading Room which is like a common room where free food and drinks are. There are bottles of wine, beer, water, orange juice and coke etc which you can drink there or take up to your room and same with the food which is sandwiches in the fridge. Cheese board at 8pm and afternoon tea in obvs the afternoon.

We were then lead to our room which was funny as they thought it was our 4 year wedding anniversary ( happy halloween Adam) so there was a card to Mr and Mrs Marsh! 
After running around taking plenty of photos and getting to know the room and finding all the little things that make it rather special. Like GHD straightners and hairdryer, Orla Kiely toiletries, coffee machine, blackets outside and different light settings.

We ordered room service which comes on the biggest tray and it was the nicest room service ive ever had.

You can either have breakfast in your room or you can go to the restaurant for a buffet style. Well we chose to make the most of the room and have it in our room which was amazing because you just tick what you want and put it out the night before and it arrives on  your set time on again another big tray. It was heaven eating it on the balcony looking out over the amazing scenery. So after eating our weight in breakfast we got ready to go for a little wander before heading to the spa for our treatments and a chilled afternoon. I was booked in for an Elemis booster facial and a hot stones massage which was amazzzing and i was so relaxed.

So after a chilled day in and out of saunas, pools and Jacuzzi we headed back to find they wonderful staff had moved our stuff over to our new room which we went into and i was greeted with rose petals all over the room which was down to my lush bf! They also lit our fire for us and booked our table at the restaurant ( they seriously cant do enough for you). 
We got ready and headed out to the restaurant called Purdys which is actually getting all done out now so it is closed and we just caught it on the last night it was open. It was lush and obvs my amazing bf asked them to write happy anniversary but they went that one step further and gave us a total separate dessert so we ended up having two desserts!

On our way back we grabbed a bottle of wine from the reading room and went back to have a bath which is a double bath made for couples and it was just lush having a bath with Orla Kiely bubbles and a glass of wine with my favourite person.

Brimstone made the weekend so much more special and they do anything for you. 
I cant wait to book again and if you head to my instagram i am still uploading images because i took so many!

Have you been here? I bet you will now if you haven't before!!



  1. OMG this looks gorgeous! I'm looking for a luxurious "cabin in the wood" style get away for my hen do and this could be perfect, I think I'm going to have to check it out!

    Chloe x

  2. This place looks absolutely amazing! I am obsessed with all the Instagram pics as well xx

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