Bleach Blondes

Night Repair Serum - £12.99*

Lee Stafford is one of my fav hair care products especially these two collections. Bleach Blondes has been something i have loved since i discovered their purple shampoo they used to do and thats when i realised us blonde gals didn't need to have that yellow shade in between salon appointments!
So to see they actually do a spray which not only conditions your hair but it makes it less brassy.
I like to use this towards the back end of the week as i tend to use my purple shampoo on a monday and towards the back end of the week it tends to get a little brassy so to wake it up but doesn't destroy it is this little beauty. I don't like to use tone correcting things that often because i feel it does dry the hair but if you got that problem then Golden Girl Oil is your pal. Lately i have been feeling the effects of the winnter on my hair so this little bottle is amazing. I have always been a hair serum fan but now i am an oil fan as it does the same but less heavy on the hair. Lee stafford products smell amazing too!

Lee Stafford's ArganOil collection is my all time fav! It smells amazzzzzing and works wonders with my hair. This Nourishing Mirracle Mist is sooo lush. Its for those time where you have done your hair and you have those fly away buggers trying to ruin your look. Mist those right down and it gives your hair the glossy look.
The Night Repair Serum is just what i need because i always go to bed with wet hair (bad i know, but i hate drying my hair with a hair dryer) and i feel like it needs a product on it to product it from the pillow as i always wake up with dry ends. A little bit of this on a night time just helps reduce the dryness.

Have you guys tried any of these? Which one is your favourite?


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