Wednesday, 14 October 2015

I love bloggers events! Espesh if they're metro centre ones. They do know how to spoil a girl. Check out the goodie bags!

I was invited along to get shown around the new and improved House Of Fraser within the metro centre. It's not yet finished yet but it will be around the start of Nov. They have seriously upped their shopping game.
Beauty more than anything. They have some new beauty counters including Nars, Kiehls, Jo Malone and Creme De Le Mer.

Helloooooooooooo Nars. I can't wait!

After a few nibbles and a sneak peek behind some hoarding to see the Jo Malone counter in action we got invited to the square just outside HOF for our own private fashion show. Obvs fell in love with everything. 

If you're struggling with getting an outfit or need someone's opinion then pop in to see the personal shopper girls or pop to the fitting rooms in HOF to see their own stylist!


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