If you follow me on instagram (girltalkwithlaura) then you'd see that i get my nails done A LOT. Since my nails never last at work and i have short nails anyway without them breaking i like to try and keep them as long as i can without getting acrylics. I tend to get shellac or gels done at the salon costing around £22 each time. So if i was to get them done 10 times that would cost me £220 which is shocking. Whereas this kit contains enough for 10 manicures and only cost £69.99! It sounds a lot at first but when you put it that way its so worth it. 

So i put Sensationail to the test and i must admit it i loved it! I loved the whole process and you have got to take your time to make sure it lasts. Dont put too much on as its just going to peel after a few days. I had it on for a full week and it didn't chip ( although i did start peeling one hand off as its so therapeutic and it was a stressful week) and i was so impressed because it was still as shiny as it was when i first done it. You aren't stuck with only a few colours as you have a lot of colours to chose from and i am going to get addicted! I have stopped buying normal nail varnish because of how easy it chips and chipped nails annoy me more than anything especially since i don't have time to paint them every night.

They have some new pastel colours out which look amazing! 

Have you guys tried this before?


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  1. Ahh I so want to try this, it sounds so good! May have to keep it in mind as a christmas gift! xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog