Perricone MD | No Makeup Makeup | Review

Bronzer - Perricone MD 'No Bronzer Bronzer' £29*

Wow. Just wow.

I seen this brand in Look magazine a month ago after not knowing about the brand before. My first thought was that it looked amazing and sounded amazing. It looks so expensive and you feel like the quality is just going to be amazing.
It doesn't disappoint.

When this landed on my door step i was like a little kid with new toys. It was even better than i imagined.
You get a little pump for the foundation, a little squigey thing for the bronzer and a stick with a sponge for the blusher. Every thing has been thought of. The packaging is just simple but looks really expensive. I mean its not the cheapest makeup but you can just tell even by the packaging.
They say you do get what you pay for at the end of the day.

As you can tell i was super eager to get trying it out. So on my day off i sat when i had time to spare because i really wanted to play with it and try it out properly.
The foundation really is no foundation foundation. Its light and dewy and sounds perfect. If i only i had the skin to go with it. For me i would have to use a bit more concealer to cover up my blemishes but i would defo use this on its own for work and places where i was just nipping out. You can layer it up and also add concealer to give it more coverage.

So thats the base now for the most exciting part. The bronzer. I love the thought of liquid bronzer. Because i love the dewy look as i have quite dry skin so the most moisture i can fake the better. Its not too heavy and it goes in a treat. Obvs you can layer this up too depending on how bronzed you like to be. This is great for contouring as you cant really make a mistake with this.

Then the blusher. Wow. I was really surprised with this as i thought it wouldnt be as pigmented, but my gosh its a dream. Its perfect and the perfect colour.
I hate liquid blusher because if you have used a powder bronzer then i feel the liquid blusher sticks to it and takes the bronzer off and its not a good look. So this is perfect to wear with the liquid bronzer and they go together so well.

I am really impressed guys! So check them out www.perriconemd.co.uk

Have you heard of Perricone MD or have you tried their products before?

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