Ylang-Ylang Body Wash -Molton Brown £18
Ylang - Ylang Body Polisher - Molton Brown £34
Ylang - Ylang Body Lotion - Molton Brown £25

Well..isn't this just the best. I must admit, before my brother became obsessed with Molton Brown. I always thought it was one of those cheap sets that only came about at Christmas that you could get in Boots. But then since my brother got his own house and was becoming slightly obsessed with having Molton Brown goodies in his bathroom and i was like hmmm they must be good if he likes them. (he knows his brands lets put it that way)

Then they contacted me about their new exciting body polishers. The hardest was choosing a set online without being able to smell them but i am so glad i picked this Ylang-Ylang set. 
In fact it smells like spas. I love the smell of spas. 
First up is the body wash which in fact i use in the bath as a bubble bath. This creates a relaxing scent in the bathroom and ensures you are relaxed and smelling of spas. You only need a little bit so i think this is going to go a long way.
The new body polishers are amazing. My body is so thanking me and Molton Brown right now. After all my holidays my legs especially are a tad dry but after one use of this all the dry skin has gone. And if you lucky buggers are on holiday right now or just about to jet off i would defo take this with you. Theres nothing worse than being away and starting to peel. By exfoliating before it gets too far then you stop this becoming worse and it also gets rid of all the dead/dry skin you have burnt off that day and makes it fresh and soft. I love how when added with some water it works up into a milky lather.

Last but not least the body lotion. This is the last step but it is defo not the least important. This is the finishing touches. It is also the one that makes you smell the most. In a good way, of spas. Who needs to go to a spa when you can bring the spa to you at a fraction of the price. 

I am offically in love with Molton Brown and i recently visited their Edinburgh store which ahhhh is amazing and i cant wait to buy Christmas presents in there! Yes i am thinking about Christmas already because these look like the ideal presents, man or woman.

Have you tried any of Molton Brown's products?

Whats your fav scent?


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