Mavala | Tea Rose | Cobalt | Berlin | Nail Varnish

Monday, 21 September 2015

Look at these colours. First off just look, a rose gold nail polish. Zoella would be proud.
These three are like my fav three colours for nails. A nude, a grey and a bright blue. 
I'm loving Mavala atm. It all started with my nails being so brittle they kept snapping and breaking too easy so i ended up buying some Mavala nail strengthening which was amazing so i was very intrigued by the brand.

These nail varnishes are just as good. They don't actually have an online shop so i found them from different online shops  so you can get your hands on them too!



  1. beautiful colours, I am loving the marble! xx

  2. Loving the colours, especially the Tea Rose and grey, perfect for the fall I feel.

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  3. They're so gorgeous esp the rose goldish shade!!