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Mavala - Double Lash £13*

Sooo, i dont really do monthly favourites because sometimes theres just nothing i'm loving that month and i only want to do these posts when i am really loving something. So heres a few i have been loving religiously lately.

First up is BOUFFE. 
I don't even know where to start. This stuff is the BOMB. Its like a dry shampoo/ hair thickening/ root covering product. But its not white guys! I know us blondes have it kinda easy anyway with dry shampoo as it sort of blends in with a bit of whippin ma hair back and forth ( sorry i couldn't help it) but its not the same shade as our hair. Whereas with this you can chose the shade you want. I was sent Light Blonde which is bloody spot on! I don't even have to touch it to try and blend it in. 
My hair is pretty flat which is the most annoying thing but with a little spray of this it gives it that ooommfff that we sometimes need to last all day and it does last all day! I'm so impressed with this that i have used it daily since i received it.

Lash serum seems to be the new things these days and there is a lot of them around. Its hard to trust which one works as its not something you see the difference with the next day. It takes a while to build up strength and length. With this Mavala eyelash serum its fab to put on on a night time. It also acts as a clear mascara which is fab if you've got your makeup off but still want to look your best for your fella as it just makes that tiny bit of difference whilst it works its magic. 

Phyto is a brand i haven't heard before but it looks good! This hair mask came in a posh little box which adds to the effect. Packaging is everything sometimes. My hair is bleached so i am obsessed with masks and oils to treat my dry hair. This is a thick mask which you leave on for 5 minutes and then wash off and your hair feels amaazing. Even mine.

Still on the theme of hair comes my last favourite - Touch of silver.  Us blondes struggle. With keeping it looking so fresh and not that yellow tone that we hate. This is the best thing for this. I have tried expensive ones such as bumble and bumble and that RUINED my hair. It tooks months to get it back to normal so please don't ruin your hair too. This is so much better for your hair and it takes that brassy tone out. I use this once a week just to keep on top of it and it works a treat.

What are your fav products lately? Any of these?


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