Diamond Boutique | 925 Sterling Silver & AAA CZ Stud Earrings

Wow. Im still gobsmacked that these beauties arrived in the post for me.
How lucky!! 

These stunning earrings from Diamond Boutique are the most amazing things i've seen. I am very picky with earrings because i have 3 piercings on one ear i cant wear anything but studs. So when i was offered to receive these i was so excited as i do get offers for statement pieces but turn them down due to not being me. But these are totally ME!

They come in a cute little box to keep them safe as with them being £99 you want to keep them safe!
You can totally tell they're expensive but worth it just by the sparkle on the diamond and you can even see it in the images. They're so clear its unbeliveable. 

Diamonds really are a girls best friend!

Check their website out as they have lots of other products which may tickle your fancy if these don't (which i doubt)


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