I just love perfume! I mean who doesn't?! I have this thing where i get obsessed with buying it but then i become really stingey with it that i can only wear it on special occasions even though i have more than enough to wear it everyday. I just cant justify wearing nice expensive perfume to work so i would rather buy Victoria Secrets spray and wear that.
Any way i was very lucky to be sent these perfumes to try them out and i must admit i was a bit weary as i am normally very very picky with perfume. Just on my last holiday my dad said right pick a perfume ( for my birthday) and i couldn't find one i liked in the whole of duty free, that i didn't already have. So i declined the offer.

I have never tried these perfumes before so i was excited too. 
First up we will discuss the prettiest one. 

Jour by Hugo Boss. 

There are three different colours with three different scents that you can chose from and i chose this white one because i just love white. Each bottle features a fashion sketch inspired by Boss's Womenswear artistic director Jason Wu's debut collection. The bottle is classy and cute. Its not too big for being 75ml and will easily fit in any handbag.

'Boss Jour pour femme is a light-hearted scent, rounding out this daytime look, represented by an elegant, ivory silk dress. The fragrance features a feminine bouquet of vibrant citrus and white flowers, celebrating the brightness and buoyancy of morning.'

It is a very light and classy smell and by light i don't mean its not strong as it is which is one of the things i like about it! I can't stand spraying perfume and then 5mins later you cant smell anything.
The scent really does represent the bottle! This is a classic perfume that you could never get bored of!

Hugo Boss - Woman

'Hugo Woman is a fruity, floral frangrance with an unconventional, boyish twist, combining unexpected naturals and pioneering molecules.'

With this one i do feel like its more 'boyish'. With the bottle and its shape to the smell. Its not really my sort of smell as i like really girly ones and i do feel like with this one it could be worn by either sex. Its more of a dusky scent with a very subtle hint of fruity scents in there.

007 Woman

'Dark yet feminine ingredients convey an air of thrilling intimacy. An initial burst of spicy black pepper enveloped in rose milk ignites an intriguing paradox of danger and sensuality. Alongside this, the instantly attractive, familiar fruity character of Blackberry is combined with the feminine softness represented by White Floral Jasmine. The rich, sensual drydown, which is the key to any Oriental signiture is driven by Black Vanilla and tantalizing White Musk, with a touch of Elegant Cedarwood.'

First up, i love the bottle! Its so fun but classy with its black and rose gold detailing and its shape which reminds me of a grenade which is totally fitting with 007.
Straight away you can tell what its going to smell like before you even smell it. You can tell its going to be dusky but sexy and its totally all of that. Its more of a night time scent as it is sexy and would be perfect for date night! I think this might be my favourite scent out of all three because its not like anything i own and i don't really have a day time scent and a night time scent. But i would defo wear Jour through the day and this 007 on the night time for date night or a night out.

I love trying new perfume and if you do too then i defo reccoment Jour and 007 if you prefer a more feminine scent, if you do like the sound of smelling more 'boyish' then Hugo by Hugo Boss Woman is defo for you!

Whats your fav new scent?


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  1. The notes of lily of the valley and honeysuckle make this perfume really freshening. I think the Jour by Hugo Boss is the best fragrance of Hugo Boss women collection. Next time I definitely buy this for my wife from my local store like "Buy Perfume in Bangladesh". Thanks for sharing this review.