So this post is all about 6 products i am loving and couldn't imagine living without atm!

First up is this Bruzz nail brush which tbh i really don't know why i haven't had a nail brush before. It has always been one of the reasons i HAVE to have my nails painted all the time. Because when you have none on and you are working all day and gather dirt in your nails its not really the most attractive or hygienic. So this being the first nail brush invention it has had raved reviews of the product. It comes in 3 different colours and you can also get replacement bristles and chose whether you want soft or firm bristles. I carry it around in my handbag so its always at hand for when i am giving my nails a break from nail varnish or just for hygienic reasons. You can get them from their website or from Boots.

Sudocrem is the one skin care product i have sworn by since i was young and it never gets old. Yes, you may be thinking 'isn't it for nappy rash?!' Well yes, but also it has a tonne of other uses. 
I normally dap some on a spot or red mark on a night time and by the morning it has gone. It can be used on spots, acne, scabs, dry patches, red marks, and the list goes on. 
This products is something i use for everything. Its the kind of thing thats always the problem solver. 

Lavera Exotic Body Lotion is the one product i have took and all three of my holidays. Tanned skin is hard to keep and hard to stop from peeling but with this lotion i haven't peeled like i would normally. Its not one of those sticky lotions where it stays on your skin all night but it doesn't sink in totally where it makes you feel like you have none on. Its the perfect amount. The smell is also amazing. They also do a body wash in the same scent.

My hair has been through 3 holidays and since i am already bleached blonde that doesn't make my hair feel too good or look in good condition. So when i tried this Lee Stafford Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment  i liked straight away with it was that it said to apply it from the roots to the tips of your hair. Now with normal conditioner you are only meant to apply it to your ends but then what about the bits of hair at the top that aren't in good condition? It also says to wash out and then apply a conditioner. This has been my hair savior. Its quite pricey and it doesn't last long but it does the job and more! I am defo buying this again. 

I have also struggled with buying the RIGHT deodorant that works for me so i have always just bought whatever has been on offer and it has always been a spray. Then i read a blog about finding the right deodorant and someone mentioned this Mitchum roll on so obvs i was intrigued so i went out and bought it and WOW. It works like wonders. It covers any smell and keeps you feeling fresh all day!

This Malava Nail Strengthner is part of a set that i bought on the plane in duty free. I bought it because at the time my nails were sore and none existent. I had worn false nails for a few months and then when they came off i had shellac on for a few more months as i thought that would help them grow again but when that came off they were so thin and flimsy that i couldn't even scratch without a nail breaking. So i bought this set and i applied it almost every day and it worked an absolute treat! My nails are now stronger than they have ever been. If you suffer from bad nails or you have done what i done and had false nails on for a long time and now your nails are ruined then i strongly recommend this! 

I hope this helps you guys and gave you a few tips aswell as my fav daily products!


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  1. I definitely need to get another tube of Sudocrem, I always forget how great it is! The Lavera body lotion sounds amazing as well :) X

    A Blonde Moment