Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Jeans - Topshop £40

Shopa is a website which makes shopping sociable. You can follow brands you love, people you love so you see what they're liking and uploading and you can buy it straight from the website.

Shopa has a lot of different brands on there from some not so well known brands to brands like Public Desire.

You can also earn rewards if you share a product on your social media and someone buys that product from your recommendation. So when someone clicks on the link you have shared you get a percentage of the sale. I mean, why wouldn't you want to earn money from sharing your images and links.

One of the brands featured on Shopa is Goddiva which i have never heard of before but i have been checking out their stuff and i have wondered how i have never came across it before.

They sent me this Folk Print top which is not my normal style and i was worrying how i was going to style it up but when it came to it i realised it goes with anything. Because it is such a statement top you don't need to do any cool styling with it as it speaks for itself. I was going to wear it with shorts but when i stepped outside and realised it wasn't as hot as it looked then maybe i should show an outfit you guys could actually wear now. So i paired it with these Topshop jeans and Missguided sandals.

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What would you style it with?



  1. Love this top :) I have never heard of Shopa, but it definitely sounds like a great idea!

  2. Stunning outfit! I have the same shoes from Misguided!