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It's not just me who is a magazine junkie right?!

Since I was younger I have been obsessed with magazines, it started with those funky chick ones where you go free goodies with them then it went onto dolphin magazines. Then obvs it went onto celeb and fashion type of magazines. I used to buy one like everyone. 
Then when I went on to doing photography it ended up being the most expensive magazines to use as inspo for shoots and mood boards.

Then as I got older it did die down a bit when I realised they all had the same gossip in so I just settled on one which was More magazine. As that had the fashion and the goss.
Then that stopped which let me tell you I was gutted! 

So ever since its been Look magazine which has always been the one that I buy. But nowadays I don't have the time to go to the shop to get my magazine.

Well, who needs to go to the shop to get magazines?! 

Get a subscription and they come to you! 

Ever since I was obsessed with magazines I begged everyone to get me magazine subscription as you can pay in one so it doesn't have to come out of your debit card each month. You can also buy gift subscriptions where you pay for it and you put their address. But yet no one ever did. Buggers. 

So when Magazine.co.uk emailed me to ask if I was interested in receiving 3 subscriptions I was like HELL YEHH! 
So I had to chose 3 out of about a million choices. 

The ones I chose were 
Look magazine
And Elle decoration.

I mean does that even need explaining? 

Look magazine is weekly so every week I receive the lates gossip and fashion trends through my letter box. These are the handiest things ever. I'm always on the go whether it's bus journeys or train journeys then these come with me. They are light and thin don't weigh your bag down like some of the thicker mags.

Elle magazine because I feel it has more to it than vogue as there are less adverts and more stuff you can actually afford but still amazing. Plus, it's a bloggers dream to have it as decoration on your desk or bookshelf! Can I just mention too that you also get the freebies that come with the mag, the latest one I got mini Malin & Goetz goodies! 

Elle decoration because I am obsessed with getting house and room inspo. For when I do get my own house I know exactly how I want it plus I'm in the middle of changing rooms ( into a bigger one wahoo ) so I want some inspo for that. Plus these also are a great coffee table read for guests. My brother has just bought his own house and he has been using these magazines more than me lately. He has got some mint inspo from the magazine! 

I can't even imagine not getting these monthly and weekly! It works out cheaper too if you get a subscription rather than buying the single magazines each time so why not save money? 

As I said they make amazing gifts, I currently got my dad Golfer for Father's Day as he's obsessed with golf and loves something to read on a morning eating his breakfast so this was perfect! There is literally every type of magazine you can chose from that there will be something there for everyone's taste. 

Have you got a magazine sub?

Why not is the question?!


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  1. I don;t actaully have in magazine subscriptions but have thought about it...I love Look and Elle too! xx