Hair REV Tablets | Review

You see all these celebs posting about these sponsored posts and you find yourself wondering 'do they actually work?'

Well before i got an email to see if i liked to try these hair tablets i seen loads of celebs on instagram post a pic with these and i was like wow these would be amazing if they did actually work.

Now being a fake blonde takes its toll on your hair (and your purse) and us blondes need to do anything that will save our hair and make it feel and look shiny/healthy.

So when Hair REV emailed me i was dead excited!

They sent me  a months worth which is 90 tablets. You are meant to take 3 a day but i take multivitamins and other vitamins so i didn't want to overdose so i decided to take one a day and spread it out. 
Plus i am a busy woman, who remembers to take 3 tablets?!

But anyway a lot of you have been commenting on how healthy my hair looks and that's when you realise it actually works!!

My hair was a nightmare before i started taking these. It went through this awful stage where i couldn't even brush it after it had been washed because it was that tatty. It just felt like straw and it got me down because i have always tried to look after it as much as i could.

I have finally finished the course and i am gutted to say the least! This is defo something that i would buy and for £19,99 it is so worth it. 
Imagine how much money you would save on hair products!

Buy yours here from Hair REV.

So there you are, my hair secret!


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