I just don't know where to start. First of all, as you all know i went on holiday for the second time this month ( lucky i know) but this one was a bit different. Normally i go with a holiday timeshare that we have and we have had it for like 10 years now so its like every holiday has the same feel and i though it was the best. 
But my mam this year thought we would treat ourselves or more like she would really treat me and take us somewhere different. She has always wanted to go to Fuerteventura so i left it up to her and she came across Barcelo. Which is chain of hotels and once we started looking at these hotels we knew we had to try them. So then it was which one. We stumbled across Barcelo Castillo Beach Club which looked good but then we got onto the premium page. Thinking ar yeah of course we could afford this, not. Looking at the prices we were like what. We actually could! To go premium was only about £50 more per person. We researched and read reviews and most of them said it is worth going premium so we just went for it. 

When we got there we were firstly took to a seperate reception area and offered a glass of something that looked and tasted really nice. From the start we were treat like royalty. Our cases were carted off to our room whilst the staff went through everything with us. Popped our gold bad on our wrist which meant we were all inclusive premium. She personally lead us to our room even though it was a good 7min walk to our seperated premium area! It was like our own complex! Walking past our own pool and up to our room where we were greeted with a bottle of champagne and a plate full of fruit in the fridge! We had a good look around and found a menu for pillows, yes you could chose the type of pillow you wanted. Coke, Fanta Lemon and Fanta Orange, bottles of water and chocolate bars in the fridge. Big tv's, big shower and toiletries. It was luxury.

We went on a walk around after we spent a good time mooching around. We were right behind the marina which is the most beautiful view i have ever seen. Along the marina there was a cocktail bar, an ice cream and coffee bar, our own private restaurant and two other restaurants.

The look of the whole place was something that you see in St Tropez. All white seats with big white pillars and huge oversized lamps.
The marina was seen as the posh bit and you could see why! 

Because we were all inclusive and premium we had our own restaurant which over looked the marina and the beach. The first night we went there i was in heaven, really. It was buffet but you went up to the chef to see what meat or fish was on offer and he would cook it there and then just for you and how you like it. It was something different every night. With tiny little desserts and little bowl of fizzy sweets. There was everything you could ask for. But breakfast was my fav. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen the stuff i was having! No wonder i have put on weight.
Fruit, fresh 100% orange juice, full english breakfast, criossants, churros and nutella. He would even make you omlettes, poached eggs or fried eggs, On the last morning i asked for pancakes with nutella. NOM!

Now enough of food. 

Around the complex you have 5 pools that we could use but because ours was so amazing we stayed at ours everyday. Because our premium complex was nice a small that meant there was only us who could use our pool which meant you got a bed. Now, which bed you chose was up to you. You had the choice of the original sunbeds or low white comfy beds with pillows or four poster beds with pillows and a roof if you wanted it up!
We had our own pool bar, and because we had a gold band (all inclusive premium) meant we could help ourselves as much as we wanted. Unlimited beer, wine and champagne as well as soft drinks and bottled water.  They also had a freezer with ice cream and ice lolly's in. At dinner time the life guard would come around offering sandwiches and then at 3 would be a fruit skewer.

It was all the little things that made it so worth it. Like at 9pm the maids would come round to your room and untuck your bed, you know when you have got to pull back all the sheets and covers that are on your bed. Well they untuck all these so you can just get straight in and they left the cutest little chocolates on there to say they have been. 

Around the complex you have a shopping centre around the corner plus more shops closer. There is a spa called Thalasso which we actually got a day pass to use it and we spend our last day there. It was the best spa i have been to. There was about 7 different mini pools that done different things such as a pool for pregnant people, for people with heart problems and back problems. All sorts. Then outside you had a salty pool with bit massive four poster beds with normal beds. We actually had a treatment and i have the mud wrap which scrubbed all the dead skin and then a massage. 

On the marina is the option of going on boat trips, swimming with sea lions or a diving school! I went for swimming with sea lions which was fun and something i have never done before.

It was the best holiday and we were made to feel like celebrities, yeah we paid extra but its so worth it. When you go on holiday you want to feel like this and now i have tried Barcelo hotels i certainly will be trying more! 

Check our their website here

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  1. Wow, it sounds absolutely amazing there! I would not mind spending a week or 3!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  2. Oh wow, all the photos are amazing! Such a lovely holiday!
    Rachel Coco