Fiorelli | #Fiorelli24seven | Review

Fiorelli have always been that brand that I grew up with as being too expensive. Even though I've never actually looked at their price tags. As a young girl I just looked at them in collectables windows with awe. 
And if you follow me on Instagram I done exactly there same thing, I found an amazing Fiorelli bag and took a photo (obvs) but still didn't look at the price tag! 

When I had an email off them I was so excited because I love their bags! They asked me to chose a bag from their new collection and there was a stripey one so obvs I chose the stripey one! 
They have re launched their #Fiorelli24seven collection which is a collection of bags that can last you all day and night. 

But that wasn't all. With their new collection launched they thought why not treat our customers?!! So that is what they're doing! They are collaborating with the beauty brand ' For All My Eternity' to give the customer a FREE beauty gift with any purchase. 
That's pretty good right?! 

'For All My Eternity' are a luxury self tanning brand. I have never heard of them so I was excited to try their self tan and their Tan Saving Shower gel out as how amazing does that sound. A body wash that can save your tan. 

Well anyway, when I received the bag I wasn't disappointed! I always thought they were expensive because the quality looks so good. And even up close and personal it looks so expensive. 

It is a good sized over the shoulder bag. It would be perfect for those days out where you go for lunch, cinema date or on holiday! It has an adjustable strap which is handy! They're nothing worse than not being able to adjust the strap. On one side it has the cream and blue stripe and on the other side it is all brown with a little pouch that would be handy for little rubbish like tickets or tissues that we always need a pouch for! 

The quality of the material is just lush and it looks and feels like it would get ruined too easy. 

This is the perfect summer bag with its design. Imagine day trip to the beach, afternoon bbqs etc and then to the pub for a few jars! 

In the pics you can see how I styled it with my summer day time outfit and also my night time outfit but the black top and white jeans could be worn all day and all night with the bag.

Then I was to try the For All My Eternity products. I have just been on holiday so it was hard to tell what it would be like on skin that doesn't already have a tan but when I applied the self tan lotion on it smells amazing and after one use it kept up that 'I've just this minute stepped off the plane' look! So I was happy about that!!

Also the shower gel smells amazing but I didn't really know hat was meant to happen with this. I suppose nothing really, but then I didn't notice the tan going patchy or anything so I guess it's working! 

I haven't even got to the best bit yet. 

ITS ONLY £35 ! 

I was like whaaaaaat. For an amazing quality,branded bag!? But yep, only £35. I'm guessing these won't last long and I am not sure how long the offer to get a free beauty product is on for so I would grab them now! 

What do you think? How would you style this day to night? 


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