I got invited along to Fenwick's beauty bloggers event in Newcastle and i was rather quite excited! And it certainly didn't disappoint! I had the best night! 
I met some other bloggers and headed along into a private room in Fenwicks where we were presented with a Fenwicks bag filled of goodies. There were also posters and flyers all over with my friends face on the beauty! We were then offered drinks and nibbles (champers and macaroons obviously). Then i spotted a long table with cards on with different beauty brands and time slots. 
We then had a little speech from Lucy Watson (not the one off MIC) who is their beauty buyer who told us to head over to the table and pick up two cards that we wanted. You could chose which brand you wanted to try and pick a time. So when i seen Tom Ford and seen there was only three cards which meant three time slots i knew i had to hover. 
I also picked Laura Mercier and Giorgio Armani as we were allowed to pick an extra one.

We then headed off to our brand and first up for me was Tom Ford. Now, i was so excited because Tom Ford is one of those brands where i know would be amazing but i think its too posh and too expensive for me. But when i got there the woman made me feel so at home. We cracked open the bubbly and got chatting. She told me all about Tom Ford and about the brand and the amount of knowledge she had really impressed me! She felt like a bezzie. I even wanted her to have a glass with me but then i realised she was actually working! 
So she started showing me their new summer range and i was in awe. It looks amazing and the quality is what you're paying for. Playing with the new lippy shades and a perfumed bronze body shimmer i was in heaven. As always i was asking prices and yes it is expensive but i think you know what you're getting and you defo get what you pay for. Most of the summer collection has sold out and i wasn't surprised!
She got started applying my makeup and i was most excited to see what the eyeshadow was like. The new one is so creamy. Its almost like paint, which i know is a bit scary but it means you only need a tiny bit. After you have applied the paint like substance then you apply the shimmer coat which comes with it. Its a two in one eyeshadow pot. It comes in 4 different shades and obvs i went for the rose gold shade.
I had all my makeup applied and after a good nitter natter about perfume and makeup it was time to head to the next one.
I was a little bit gutted because i really enjoyed her company and we were chatting saying that customers don't realise that you can just go up and have a chat and they can play around with makeup to help you find what you're after. Its not scary at all and they're lovely!

So next was Laura Mercier which i was curious about as i have never tried anything from this brand before and i didn't really know what to expect.
It was all about their new foundation Silk Creme Moisturising Photo Edition Foundation which is a dewy foundation which we all know is perfect for me! So she matched up my skin tone with the right shade which was Cashew Beige and gave me a sample of it. She then told me we would get a full sized foundation sent out in our shade but i still haven't received it yet! 
I have been using the little sample and i really do like it! Its good coverage but not too heavy.

Then last but not least i went to Giorgio Armani and i fell in love with their Maestro Liquid Shimmer Bronze which ahhhhh it is the best thing ever.  It is like a tan in a bottle. It was like a liquid bronzer but not too dark and it just gave you that 'i've just stepped off the plane look'. I also tried the Fluid Sheer which is different shades of highlighters which amazed me.
I looked like bronzed goddess when i left GA. I did not want to take my makeup off that night.

After that i just had a wander around and was offered a skin consultation with Dermalogica which obvs i'm gonna say yes as i am obsessed with skin and getting it perfect. She popped on these funny glassses and looked at my skin to see what was wrong with it and anything they could help with. She found dryness and scaring which i knew already so she gave me a sample to try out which i actually haven't yet but i will. I am also going for a complimentary facial and i cant wait!

Its amazing what they can do for you if you just head up to the counters and explain what you are looking for or any problems. They are there to talk and help you so don't be scared! You may not get a free facial or samples but they will try to help you.

Overall it was the best Bloggers event i have been to in a while. I still haven't gone through the bag of goodies as its too big!

Have i made you excited to try any of these new products?


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  1. Wow - it sounds like you had an amazing night! It all looks so beautiful in the photos and a free foundation? Yes please!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com