SlimCha Detox Tea | Review

If you follow me religiously on Instagram then you'll have seen a while back I received the Tiny Tea by Your Tea and realise that it never actually made the cut to be on the blog. That's because I didn't follow it through and continue with the tea. I just didn't really enjoy it and felt it didn't do much so I stopped talking it. 

But a few weeks ago I got sent a new tea detox called SlimCha. It's the same sort of thing in how it's meant to make you feel less bloated and all of that la-da-da.

Now, the taste. We can all say we don't take these types of teas for the taste. But this one actually taste nice! After I got over the fact that's it's SPICY. I've never had a spicy tea before and I didn't realise it was spicy till the third one or something until I realised why it tasted different and I checked the ingredients and there's chilli in it. 

You're meant to take one morning and night for two weeks (I may have had a little break inbetween weeks) to see a difference. 

I noticed a difference every time I had one and when I missed one I felt like I could tell and knew when I needed to have one. It just gives you that less bloated feeling and makes you're tummy not as puffy.
It also helps if you struggle with going to the toilet! Because we all know what these teas do to you! If you don't then you can guess. Which isn't good when the boyfriend is round..hence the break! Haha.

Since new year I've been on a big health kick as I was feeling like I was getting to my big self and knew I needed a kick up the butt! I started the juicing and this tea detox as well as doing more exercise and I can't actually believe the difference in these photos that I've took. The one on the left was taken on the 24th jan which was a week after I started the juicing and just before I started SlimCha! The second image was taken on the 29th jan which was 4 days after starting SlimCha. The last photo was taken on the 20th Feb which is 3 weeks after starting SlimCha and the end of my tea detox! 
I'm flabbergasted at the results and I'm so glad I didn't delete the photo because let's face it, it's not nice when you take one of these photos and it isnt nice to look at. Not because I'm saying that's fat and everything but it's not right for me and not what I'm used to or want to be used to. 

I'm so glad I followed through with this 14day detox even if I did miss one here and there but I've got to the end and I'm sad! 

There are also different types of tea you can get from SlimCha. On their website is also some great eating plan as well as an exercise plan! 

Have you tried this? Or found one that works for you? 

LLC x 


  1. this looks great, well done! xx


  2. Your figure is amazing!! Really intrigued by the idea of spicy tea, Definitely want to try this! x

  3. This seems really good, definitely can see a difference!

  4. This is amazing! Definitely trying both the tea and juicing after this x

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