Philips | Viva Collection Juicer | Real Juice Reboot challenge | Review

I can't believe it's been more than 21 days since I started doing my #realjuicereboot with Philips! It's flown over and I'm gutted its over! But I am carrying on doing it because I feel like I've benefitted from it and this is how..

Kick stating the new year with a healthy detox routine is always a good plan. But it was even better that I got to do it with Philips as there was a plan I should stick too and I told you guys on Instagram that I would be uploading a photo each day of the 'juice of the day' with the ingredients. So I felt I HAD to do a juice a day which was pressure but I done it and I'm so glad I did because without the pressure I feel like it would be so easy to let it slip and forget. 

Towards the end I did let it slip for a few days when I went to Edinburgh for the weekend for my friends birthday and I could tell the difference straight away! On my skin! 

My skin has never been so clearer and glowing. I loved every second of it as you all know I've suffered from bad skin since I was young and have been wanting something to kick its ass into next week. 
As soon as I stopped I got a bad case of spotty chin. Stubborn little buggers that were down to not having my juices and maybe a little bit of alcohols fault. Oops! 

I can't say I've lost any weight because of it because I haven't been doing it for that because if I was then I would have been having a juice for my dinner instead of a meal but I wasn't. I wanted to see what kind if results I would have if I was doing it as a detox. 
Straight away it made me want to be healthy inside and out. I started running which I've NEVER done. I've been having lemon water, and just overall eating that little bit better and I feel so much less bloated! 

Another thing I've noticed that my skin on my back and chest have cleared up so much! I've always had spots on my bad which annoys the hell outta me! Grr. But it's clear!!!! That's like a miracle.

Yes it can be expensive but how much money do we spend on those skin creams and lotions to help clear up our skin? A lot. So spending £15 a week extra on fruit and veg isn't all that expensive when yo we're talking about our body and our skin! 
I've also been less tired which is a bloody miracle for me as I'm always tired and my boyfriend even said he was impress at how I didn't fall asleep all the time like in the car to the shop or watching a film! 

The juicer is certainly an investment. I don't think I'll ever use my blender again because I prefer juices now. The one that Philips sent me is the Viva Collection Juicer which is £80. It's quick cleaning which it actually is! And that's one of the reasons I won't use my blender again because I feel you can't clean every nook and cranny with the blender but this juice you can take apart each section which is dead easy and clean it. Then just pop it all back together again and you're good to go! 

You can get two cups full 1.5L each which I normally do as I prepare mine for that day and the day after as I work a lot and I wouldn't be able to do it if I done it before I go to work. 

It's my new best friend and I can't think of how I lived without one! I can guarantee I carry it on and try to be healthy inside as well as outside. 

If you look after your body then your body will look after you! 

Have you been following it with me or doing your own juice plan?! 



  1. Yumm! This is your first post I have read and now I feel like I will definitely need to go back and catch up on all your recipes!
    (In the pictures above I thought that the apple was cheese - and I thought woah you've really made some wacky juice combo's)
    Welcome to the running world - you'll be hooked in no time!e
    Lovely to meet you!
    Kelsey x

  2. Thanks for sharing, the juices look so tasty!