Philips Challenge | A juice a day for 21 days | With Jow WicksakaTheBody Coach.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I can't believe I haven't blogged for ages! I've just been far too busy and not had any time. So I do apologise! 

But I'm back with a banger so let me off aye. 

Philips contacted me before Christmas and I've never been this excited ever! I've been wanti a kick start into a healthy start but I've had no motivation whatsoever espesh with Christmas food and the new year drink. Oops! 

Now I know you're all thinking the same because the amount of people buying gym gear is amazing. Me included and I don't even go to the gym, but that's a different matter.

Anyway, it's said to take 21 days to kickstart you out of a bad habit or create a new one so that's why I've got to have a juice a day for 21 days.

"The Philips #RealJuiceReboot campaign is all about encouraging people to juice daily as part of a healthy lifestyle rather than taking on unsustainable detoxes and quick fix weight loss regimes. Our ‘one-a-day’ juicing plan incorporates 21 different recipes and demonstrates how juicing can easily fit into your daily routine, eliminating the need for bottled juice which has usually been pasteurised and contains large amounts of sugar."

I've uploaded the day plan which has the ingredients you need for each juice. If you want to do it with me then follow me on Instagram when I will upload a pic a day with the ingredients you need for the juice for that day. Instagram - girltalkwith 

I did say I was going to wait until Monday to start it but I just can't wait any longer! It's sat there not being used and the ingredients will go off if I leave it until Monday so LETS GO! 

I will be doing a follow up blog post to see how I'm getting on or if I've noticed any difference in myself with doing it.

Hope you guys will be supporting me and doing it alongside me! 


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