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Blackheads and spots are the bane of every girl and maybe every mans life. And if it's not or hasn't been then you are one lucky son of a bitch.

Now when I heard about these Blackhead Killers, I was like wow. Nothing actually claims to kill blackheads as they all just claim to reduce blackheads. It almost sounds abit scary. 

These blackhead killers are in fact a face mask which you pop on and leave to dry, then you peel it off and it is meant to remove all the dirty and blackheads in your pores. That actually sounds amazing to me. Like I don't mean to be gross and I hope my boyfriend has got passed the point of reading my blog posts so he doesn't see that and think ewww my gf is minging! 
But, I love to see them coming out. Have you ever tried those nose pore strips where they pull the dirt and blackheads out while you peel them off? Well you do it dead slowly and it actually pulls the stuff out and you can see it on the strip and it's disgusting because you can see how many you actually had. But least you know it's got them out and your unclogged! 

Well these face masks are the same thing but for your whole face. 

When I first tried it and opened it up, I was so excited to see it wasn't just the typical white coloured face mask. It's actually BLACK! Now it does seem deadly. 

There is loads in a sachet and I'm not sure if you're meant to use the full lot on your face at once but I did. If it's just a thin layer then there won't be much to peel off so I hoyed it all on. I was so excited to peel it off and see all the minging-ness that was in my face on the mask.

After ten mins or longer I started to peel it off. And OH MY GOD THAT HURTS. 

I'm not kidding when I'm saying it was deadly, it had me in tears peeling it off especially around the eyes. 
Yano when you're putting face mask on and some goes into your eyebrow and you think ah its fine I'll just leave it. Well don't with this one! It actually waxed my eyebrows and I was panicking so much that I wasn't gonna have s brow left I had to put baby oil on to get it out of my brow. Luckily I saved it before it was too late.

At this point I wasn't even excited about seeing the dirt on the mask I just wanted it off. Maybe I was bing a wimp and didn't expect it to be stuck on my face that much but phoarrr. 
I've been abit scared to even use it again but I know I will at some point.

If you're solid and aren't scared of a little bit if pain then these are for you. For wimps like me, I wouldn't torture yourself. But, you can actually get your money back if you aren't happy with them! 

I can't say I noticed a big difference with my blackheads afterwards but I do know you are meant to do all 5 and you will see a difference but it does pull all the dirt out (by ripping it off your face) and it does remove dead skin cells.

Would you dare to try these?


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  1. These sound great but scary at the same time. To save me the pain if I ever tried these I think I would have to just put them on the areas that needed like t-zone and chin. I also love seeing all the crap coming out of unclogged pores so you're not alone there x

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