Paul Mitchell Event at Gary Hedley's Salon in Newcastle

There ain't no event like a Paul Mitchell event. 

As always they put on a great evening and met loads of bloggers than I haven't met before so that's always a bonus. I just LOVE meeting other bloggers even though it sounds abit strange meeting up with people who you don't know but when you do it's like we've all met before because we all that same thing in common. 

I learnt my lesson last time as last time I went with already curly hair so this time I went au natural also they could test out the styling tongs as I was dying to try them out. I've been thinking about getting some instead of using straightners to curl my hair. 

So when I got put in the chair I just said do whatever you want and luckily he had big hair in mind. Who's gonna argue with that?!

He used the smallest wand to create tight curls which I've never tried before! And I was quite excited as it went on. After my whole hair was curled he the pm back combed my hair so it had ommmffff and brushed the curls out. I LOVED it.
It made me feel like BeyoncĂ©! 

We also got a goody bag which was amazing and I couldn't help peeping on the bus home.

In the goody bag I got: Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint shampoo & conditioner, Paul Mitchell ExtraBody  Daily Boost, Paul Mitchell serum and a New Cid Lipgloss.

When I tried the shampoo and conditioner I was abit put off because I don't like the smell of lavender but I tried not to let that cloud my judgement, but I didn't feel like it was moisturising and infact left my hair feeling abit dry which I was gutted about! 

I haven't used the Root boost yet as I don't normally like putting things on my roots but I'm guessing this could be good for nights out when you want that big hair look! Or just everyday if you're having a flat hair day! 

The serum is amazing. I love serum and couldn't live without it! This one smells lush too! Bonus.

Let's just talk about this lipgloss though. It has a light on it. And a mirror. I took it on a night out and it was fricking amazing! In the taxi there and in the club where it's dark I could apply my Lippy with no errors! 

Yet again, another great event and some great products from Paul Mitchell.

In the images you can see some packages with drawings in which have been designed especially and inside them are the perfect Christmas gifts that she'll love! Whether it's a girl who has everything to the mother in law who likes a pamper! You can get specific bags for your hair type such as for blondes, for flat hair, for curly hair etc.

What do you think of the hair?


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  1. I think your hair looks amazing :) sounds like a really fun event I would have loved to have went :) I agree it's nice to meet other bloggers who are interested in the same stuff as you :)
    Lucy x