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I've been loving all these gift guides lately!! I find them so helpful especially when you're stuck for what to get everyone and it all becomes a little bit stressful. 
So when I got an email from House Of Fraser challenging me to come up with a gift guide for HIM I was really excited! 
I've got one hell of a picky brother who has took every single present I've got him back apart from say one or two! Now you know my pain! I have to start looking for his present at least two months early and even when I do find one I end up talking myself out of it. So now I've decided if he's going to take whatever back then I can get him anything :). 
I've also got a boyfriend to buy for which I find really easy and most of the time I find myself having loads of ideas and can't decide which one to go for! 

So here is a Gift Guide for Him which I will link them all or something similar to buy them! 

But let's talk through them! 

I just love men smells. Like when a man walks past you and you can smell how nice his aftershave is you just appreciate it so a man can NEVER have too many smellys! This is smells amazing and manly. This little bottle is good because living with two males i know they don't like big bottles. I don't know why but they always seem to have small bottles but many of them! Also with this coming with body wash is even better because they actually use them! I never use them! But in our shower is always lots of these type of bottles.

Dune Boots - £95

With the cold weather here and men still wanting to look smart on nights out or just everyday use these are perfect. Dune boots are really good and long lasting! Worth the money! 

Ted Baker Towell and Wash Bag - Was £52 now £41

A man who is organised is an attractive man. This is great if your man travels a lot! With me having a long distance relationship and having him travelling up to see me quite a lot this would make lift easier and more organised instead of having your toiletries loose in your holdall.

Ted Baker Card Holder - Was £69 now £55.20

This isn't the exact match to the one in the picture but its similar but this one actually comes with a wallet too! I know men hate carrying change around and always carry it in their pocket anyway so why have a wallet if you only carry cards or notes? This card holder will fit notes in too which makes their pocket lighter and thinner so you don't have that clumpy pocket look!

Checked PJ's - £35

The ones in the picture are actually from Jack Wills but i've found some here which are the longer length. With the cold weather here lads can't exactly walk around in their boxers or shorts anymore. So a pair of comfy soft pjs i'm sure they would appreciate them!

Ugg Slippers - Was £80 Now £70

How comfy do these look? We would be well jel if they had these and we didn't. Matching is in isn't it?!

Every lad needs a nice going out or occasion shirt. And with New Years Eve coming up why not kit him out.

If he suffers from bad skin or is just a one of those who likes to take care in his appearance than why not treat him and his skin by this clinique set. We love Clinique so why wouldn't he? It even comes in a little wash bag which is a bonus!

Something which is more expensive is this Ted Baker Holdall which again is good for those men who travel a lot! Every man needs a nice posh holdall.

This isn't the same as the one in the image but you can get the one in the image from Ernest Jones. But heres one similar and the same price! If he has expensive taste and money isn't an issue or just you want to spoil him rotten then this watch will be loved! Men and their watches!

Paul Smith Socks - Was £40 Now £32

Some jazzy posh socks. They always have plain black or white which always have holes in so why not jazz them up abit and with posh ones they won't get holes in as easy!

Barbour Scarf - £30

Tartan scarf's are a must this winter and its not just for girls! Barbour scarves are such good quality and feel amazing.

Hope you like this Gift Guide!

Which present is your fav? Are you inspired by any of these products?


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