Cocoa Brown Tan | Review *

Fake tan is something every girl has to deal with at some point. And most girls will agree it's a bloody ball ache! (Not that we get ball ache but yano what I mean)
So when choosing a fake tan a lot has to be considered. You will probably go through a good 3 different brands before you find a one you actually like. 
The ones I have tried and tested were the usual gradual tan ones from Garnier and ones like those. Which were about as good as a cellulite cream, USELESS. They were so orange and patchy and just look awful. 
I hate not seeing what it will look like straight away because if you do have streaks you can adjust them  rather than waiting for it to develop and it not being perfect.

So I heard everyone talking about the cheap St.Moritz tan which is £2.99 (bargain) which you can get from places like Bodycare, Morrisons etc. it was the best one I've tried so I stuck with it for years! Literally about 4 years I've been using it. It's got it's good points but it's also got it's bad points. 
Bad points were that it had a dirty colour to it, which I originally liked because it was more brown than orange but now I know it just looks dirty. 

So I was on the lookout for a new one and along came Cocoa Brown Tan. It's a recent product that has a hype around it so I thought why not! They sent me their new dark one hour tan! Which I'm glad they sent the dark version because people have been saying the normal isn't dark enough. 

I was abit scared because it's one that gets darker as time goes on so my first worry was how long do I leave it one for. 3 hours creates the darkest tan and after that it's stops. Which I was glad because I dunno about you, but I tend to do my tan at night after I've been in the shower. So after I've applied it I then don't wanna stay up for 3 hours and wash it off, I would normally sleep with it on.

So for my first time trying it out I washed it off my arms and my chest, the places that would be seen after about an hour and a half. But I left it on everywhere else overnight.

It smells like normal tan and stains the bed like every tan but I found it wasn't sticky on the skin which was a relief. It's as if it dried instantly and you didn't have to stand there in the star like position for ages looking like a tool. 

But I absolutely loved the results. My legs were so tanned and it was mint, I felt like I'd been on holiday. I just wish I kept the tan on my arms on all night as they weren't as dark. 
Yeah it's got a bit more of an orange tinge to it but I think that's better than a dirty look. 
They sent a mit with it as well and that's the first time I've used a tanning mit! I know what the hell, but I've always used a sponge. I just found it worked well but this mit is amazing with the tan.  The only thing that would be a downside to it would be that I don't think it stays on as long as I would like it too. 

Safe to say this will be my tan for a while, maybe another 4 years until I get bored of this one. 

Have you tried this? I think you should if you haven't! 


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