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When I got contacted by Bedroom Athletics my first thought was phooooarrr that's a bit rude what kind of blogger do you think I am! 
But when I clicked on their website I was glad to find it wasn't anything rude, it was all nightwear which was a relief. And nice nightwear at that.
They looked so comfy that I couldn't believe I hadn't heard the brand before.
As per normal I couldn't decide what colours I like better so they suggested the red check bottoms with the cream hooded top with the cream lace slippers. This all sounded amazing so I went with their suggestion. 

The slippers come in their own box which was very posh. I was extremely pleased and surprised at how lush they all were. That sounds bad but being a blogger you do get sent some rubbish (sometimes I blog them if I'm offended by them or sometimes I just don't bother even giving them a review). But this is probably one of my fav things I've been sent. 

The shorts are my FAV. 
Now, shorts are my fav thing to wear in bed because I would be too hot in anything else. But there's always a problem I have with shorts, is that most of them are too short! Like I don't want long shorts but I want my bum covered please! There's nothing worse than going down for breakfast and your bu, hanging out especially if you're not at home and you're at the boyfriends house! 
So when I seen that these had a little bit of a frill on the bottom I got excited because I knew that this would be the bit that covers your bum. Another thing that annoys me about shorts is that they can become too slack around the waist, so obviously Bedroom Athletics thought about this and have a thick waistband almost like boxers how they're tight around the waist but they also have the ties at the waist so you can tighten it if you wish. 
They're the softes material in the cutest colour and pattern which you can get in ther colours. They're the perfect size as I got the size 8 and are true to the size. 

The hooded top is amazing. Now this isn't what I would wear for bed but it's so nice to wear when you're chilling around the house and it's a bit chilly. I LOVE that it's got a hood and a zip because hoodies aren't for me, they're too clostra and I'll get too hot and have to rip it off. Whereas if it's got a zip I can just undo the zip and tadaaaa I've cooled down. 
The sizing is abit tight but I'm not sure if that's just cause I would have preferred a bigger size for the baggyness. But it is a stretchy material so it's still comfortable. Again I got a size 8 in this. 

The slippers are the same with the sizing, I wish I got the bigger size just because these type of slippers are tight so they stay on your feet but I don't like them too tight. But least they stay on ey! 
The pattern is gorgeous! It's a cream lace which is so cute and girly. They match the outfit perfectly. 

I took the shorts on holiday with me and they were perfect! 

I think these would be such a good Christmas present and they would be disappointed! I know I certainly wouldn't be. I can't believe I haven't heard of their brand before. 

Check out their website - Bedroom Athletics

Have you heard of Bedroom Athletics?



  1. These are sooo super cute!

    http://antoniahetherington.blogspot.co.uk/ xx

  2. Loving your pj, the hoodie must be so warm!


  3. woow looks so warm and cozy :) love it, the whole post is amazing, not just an usual outfit post but that's what makes it so special in a beautiful way, great!

    I would be thankful if you visit my blog, I am new here

  4. These look SO cosy, I need to get some!!!! Loving the name of them too hahaha x