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SANDALSMatalan £12
BELT - Internationale
NECKLACEPrimark £1.50
WATCH - Marc by Marc Jacobs

You may have seen this jumpsuit before as i've blogged it once before but can you blame me? I love jumpsuits but hardly ever wear them! Espesh on holiday, i feel like i need to have my legs out on holiday to show off my tan. But with it being October and everything i thought it would be colder on the nights.

As you all know i love small simple gold necklaces as much as hot dinners so obviously this had to be teamed with one! And a bargain one at that! 

Internationale have actually closed down now so you wont be able to get the exact same but i am sure there are others that are similar.

This is one of those plain outfits that rely on accessories to finish them off to complete the outfit.

What do you think?


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