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Friday, 7 November 2014

CROP TOPMarlee & Fee*

This outfit was planned on a whim, yano when you love the two garments and not sure if they go together  but you wanna try it anyway. Well i took both these without knowing this and thought if i am feeling brave i'll see if they go.
Well i was trying on one of my fav items and just wasn't feeling it. So i pulled these two out and thought 'hey ho lets give it a go!'

And it turns out this was my FAV outfit of the holiday. I think its because i am not really a skirt and top person for night outfits. I am more of a dress or playsuit type of person as that narrows the opportunity to style myself. I like things that match and not really that brave with putting things that don't match together.
Things that don't match and layering is one of my fav things but i am just not that good at it i think and i wouldn't be confident. But i am quite pleased with myself with this outfit! 

The girlieness of the skirt with the rock/grunge feel of the top go together and work.

What are your opinions on this?


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  1. I love the outfit! x