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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Holiday LookBook | Day Five | Triangl and Missguided |



WATCH - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Well this Triangl bikini isn't as good as my last one i must admit! I don't feel safe and secure in the top which keeps me on edge all day sunbathing. We don't want a mishap do we?!
Also, the bottoms, after one use have worn away the silver colouring! How sad, i was gutted! 
They have become an off white colour in some areas which isn't ideal really as i won't be able to wear these again. If i had paid for these i would be EXTREMELY gutted about as they don't come cheap!

This day i had a day at Maspalomas, which if you haven't been you have to. Theres some amazing hotels and shops just to look at and theres the sand dunes too which you can you see here. They are right behind the beach which is huge.

My main struggle on holiday is to get as much sunbathing as poss in, and then to rush home and get ready as quick as poss so i can still catch the sun for my blog pictures. This time i failed. Sunbathing was more important, soz.

I loved this dress all summer and my boyfriend actually got me it for my birthday, the sneaky devil seen i wanted it on twitter! Its a great holiday/festival dress as its so bright and quirky.


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  1. Love the colour of the bikini top! Beaut!

    Ness xo.