Lip Monthly | Review | Read why I wasn't impressed..

Yano when you're waiting for something to arrive with excitement. And then it comes and you're like

Well this kinda happened with this Lip Monthly package. 
I was dead excited for its arrival as I've never had a monthly box/pack and I've seen how amazing they can be such as the Birch Box. So when I seen this was a package all for your lips, how much more exciting can ya get? 

So it came, and even the bag got me excited. It's a bright blue makeup bag with their logo printed on. Dead canny (Geordie term for dead good haha) and I will Defo use the bag again. 

Then I looked inside and my excitement disappeared. There wasn't one product that I thought was good. You're meant to get 3 lip products a month and in Septemebers package you got three lip products, a moisturiser (which is about the best thing in the bag) and a nail varnish. As its a September bag it was meant to have the Fall feel. 

Although I didn't really get this feel. The nail varnish was an orange/coral. Which, doesn't strike me as a fall colour it's more of a summer colour to me. 
Fair enough there was a red lipstick in there which was about the only Fall themed lip product. 
It seemed like they chose the most random brands and random colours and chucked them in. 

Another thing that was a let down was that I've never heard of any of the brands nor did they seem like brands that I would want to try. These packages are meant to introduce you to new brands but they should be brands that are known and are worth your money for this package. Whereas I feel like these are cheap products, cheap in their packaging and the actual product. 

Inside my lip monthly, there is a lip balm by Eco Lips in the flavour Kiwi&strawberry. Which has to be the most disgusting smell and taste I've ever encountered. It smells like those cheap sweets from pic'n'mix's. 

I don't know about you but if a product smells cheap then it's not good, and that's got to be said about most of the products inside here. 

Now I know for how much they're charging for the monthly package isn't bad, but I would rather spend my money on one good product than waste my money and have lots of little products be sent to me which I will most liking never use. 

This is all my own oppinion and I told you I tell you guys the truth! I don't want to give you the wrong impression for you to spend your money and be disappointed too. This could have just been a bad month and it could turn out their others months are great, I don't know. I, only basing my opinion on this September month Lip Monthly package.

Anyway guys! I am going on holiday right about NOW! I know this means I won't be around this week. Cub either and I do apologise because I haven't blogged in AGES since because I had my boyfriend around for the week and if you have long distance relationships then you know when you do see them then you need to provide them with all your attention because then one day their gone and you wish you didn't spend that day blogging.

I have got some posts scheduled this week though so stay tuned! I am doing a holiday Lookbook too of course so I will be posting that when I'm back but I'll be posting little images on Instagram so make sure you're following me on there  - lauracranston1

Have you had this product before? Is it normally good? 

Hope this helps you guys!


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  1. Thats so annoying, but I can definitely see why you would be disappointed with this!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD