Mr Bean Body Care | Coffee Body Scrub | Review

I've 'BEAN' waiting to try this for sooo long..:P 
Couldn't resist sorry guys.

You have probably seen photos like this flying around Instagram for a while now, well here's another one. In fact, i've actually had my eye on the Frank scrub and i've never seen this one before. It looks better than the Frank one as its a more professional packaging and the website is much more professional.
Check out their website here which you can purchase their scrub or just have a mooch about!

The idea of a coffee scrub just sounded so intriguing to me, and you all know i love to try new things so this is why i've been wanting to try one for ages now. They contain lots of ingredients that are good for your skin and help get rid of stretch marks, acne scars and just everyday marks that don't look pretty. Now you have got to be prepared to make a mess or its just not happening. After all it is coffee. 
I was quite shocked when i opened it and smelt it, it smells like chocolate orange but more coffee orange! 
I focused on my legs and my face for my first time just to try it out and i must say i am loving it!!

You all know when you've been on holiday and shaving your legs everyday takes its toll and your legs aren't as soft as you would like them and they look a bit snake skin-ish. After one use this was all gone and not only that but it actually nourished my skin afterwards. With the oils it contains this acts as a moisturiser so i didn't even moisturise after the bath which is a HUGE thing for me as i literally do it every time i step out of the bath. 

If you're after getting rid of stretch marks i guess you would have to use it quite a lot and it doesn't come that cheap. £13.95. The only bad thing is that you have to order online which could be seen as a faff for some people. But it is worth it.

It certainly makes your bath or shower more interesting to say the least.

Its 'BEAN' a pleasure Mr Bean.

p.s can i just say sorry for the bad jokes and yes i am a Mr Bean fan. He is my fav person ever! 

Have you tried this? OR another branded version?



  1. this looks so good!! i made a coffee scrub not long ago but would love to buy a pre made one. Thanks for the post!!

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