June Favourites

11 Days late. Better late than never ey.
I had more favourites than i did dissapointments in June which is always nice. 
June was a good month as it was when i went on holiday and most of these are featured in my Holiday LookBooks so make sure to check these out if you want to see what they look like on! 

Here is a list of what i was loving last month:

2True Paparazzi Mascara*
This mascara is my all time favourite mascara! I have always said in previous posts that i buy a new mascara each time, well not any more! I received this in my goody bag from Superdrug for winning their blogger comp along with most of this other stuff.I am actually going to do a serparte post comparing this to Benefits They're Real Mascara because that is one that everyone loves. So stay tuned for this.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
This is a product that was passed around the blogging community starting from Zoella, whatever she loves we all love right?
I was actually going to buy the YSL Touche Eclat but went for this cheaper alternative and to be honest i'm glad i did. I love its lightness but still has coverage to cover those bags. I prefer a light shade to brighten under my eyes and blended with a beauty blender.

Collection Madi Gras Lip Balm*
You may remember these from a post i done a while back when i received these beauties. I said i thought they would be my beach essential and they most definitely were! I took all three flavours and took all three to the beach. All flavours are gorgeous and they're such a good lip balm as they last for ages on your lips. They travel with me everywhere.

MUA Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Chocolate Box*
Browns are my go to shade for eyeshadows and this has been on my eyes everyday since i received it! It's like a beginners guide to smokey eyes because it provides you with the light shade for the inner corners of the eye and all over the lid, then the dark shade and the darker shade which goes in the crease of your eye.
Now i do actually struggle with finding good brown shades that are dark but don't actually come out a blackish shade of brown. Sounds strange but its true. These are more brown but the darker one still has the darkness to it.

Max Factor Lip Infinity in shade Just In Love*
I was very impressed to find two lip products in the one box. This is actually a lip lacquer and at first i was a bit put off because the last time i tried a lip lacquer was the MUA ones and yeah they look brill, but when you talk and lick your lips a few times it comes off where your lips touch but leaves it on around the outside which aint a good look believe you and me! So i applied it and it didn't feel as stiff which was a good sign and then you apply the clear lippy which makes it shiny and sets it so it doesn't rub off which it actually doesn't rub off!!! Which is totally amazing. Until you want to take it off but you cant complain if it lasts all day!

Collection Blush in Bashful*
I've been after a new blusher for a while and when this one came to be honest i wasn't all that excited. The packaging isn't very fun which for me it makes me like it more if the packaging is fun. But, the inside is sooo good. The blusher has tiny shimmer bits in which is something i've been wanting as it helps to highlight the cheek bones. Its not glittery and wont bring out large pores don't worry. Also the colour is just right, its not too bright and not too dark. 

Have you been loving any of these too?


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  1. Ooooh looking forward to hearing the post on comparing that mascara with the They're Real mascara! The wands look so similar!

    XO, G from grace'd