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You may have seen or heard about this NEW Benefit product from the BBloggers as Benefit create such a hype around their new products. I don't know any other brand that can do this, they literally get everyone talking about it or make sure they have seen or heard about their new product. I didn't get to go to their event in London but i seen the images and read that it was amazing as they were greeted with girls in orange suits, men in police uniform and the whole 'Criminally Easy' was exaggerated and it just looked so cool. I was lucky enough to be sent this amazing parcel!

Anyway i heard about this and my first thoughts were 'Oh my god, why has no one thought of this before?!'. Must admit that i am late in attending the whole gel liner party because i thought it was easy to smudge. But then this is what this pen is all about so let me get going at describing what we have here!

This is the FIRST ever gel liner in a pen. That means no need to have a separate brush to apply with, which means makeup bag is one brush down = win. 

It is a waterproof matt black gel that wont smudge or budge! Which means you don't need to worry about those flicks getting smudged when you laugh or cry, or cry with laughter ( the best kind) because i am one of those people that when i laugh i cry. One of the things I've always hated with liquid liner because when i rub away my tears then i rub my flick away (ARGH).

It has a Accuflex tip which means it creates that perfect flick but also gets so close to your lashes as it has a little guard that pushes the lashes away from your lid to let the pen get closer. Also, you don't have to worry about the lid coming loose in your makeup bag and harming the flexible tip as it is a screw on lid! To get the product to the top you also have to twist it, which when i first used it it took me a good 5mins to actually get any product at all and i started to think Benefit had sent me a spoof! 

When i tested it on my hand first i found it was easy to draw a straight line, like just look how straight them lines are. Then i tried to smudge it, wouldn't happen. I literally had to scrub my hand to get it off which can be a bad thing when it comes to taking your makeup off. Which is why they have created the 'They're Real Remover' because one of the criticisms with 'They're Real Mascara' was that it was a ball ache to get off. Which really pleases me that they actually listened to their customers and took note and came up with a solution! Now that says to me that that's a brand who loves their customers!

But back to applying the liner. Everyone who loves a good flick, wing or whatever you wanna call it then you know one eye goes perfect and the other doesn't, or you have bad flick days and good flick days. Bad flick days cause so much stress as you apply then reapply so many times to get it looking acceptable to leave the house. 
With this pen, it took me ONE GO. ONE BLOODY GO. On both eyes too. When have you been able to say that you applied both flicks with one go. Every time. Because i've used this quite a lot recently because i thought 'Ah you're just having a good flick day Laura'. 
So yeah, its easy to apply which makes my life easier as that could mean an extra 5mins in bed ;). 

Now onto the 'They're Real Mascara'. I've heard great things about this and i just dunno why i haven't tried it before and then i heard about its trouble taking it off which put me off but now i have the remover too i've got no excuse. And yeah i can see why people love it. It's one of those brushes that doesn't allow for clumps to form and just allows for the product to build up which makes your lashes seem longer.

The 'They're Real Remover' is to tackle both these products together and strips it down without harming your eyes or your lashes, and it does just that. Personally I'm not really one for eye makeup remover as i would rather have something that tackles all your makeup rather than having several pots for different areas. But since the mascara and eye liner are so hard wearing this really comes in handy!

Benefit, you've done it again. You've excelled yourself so pat on the back for you!

The most exciting thing is this isn't even out yet! But don't fret, it is out very soon. It will be available in shops in July 2014.

Is this something that would tickle your fancy? 



  1. I found the liner took some getting used too, but I do love it now. And the mascara has always been my HG!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. 'Ball ache to get off' describes they're real perfectly!
    I've only just got back into wearing liquid eyeliner so I really want to give this a go! Love the pictures! :)

    Great review :)
    Danniella x

  3. Fab review! I have heard so much about it but I think I am definitely going to pick this up now :) thanks!

    Charley xo


  4. I've always loved the mascara so I will definitely have to try out this liner after you're fabulous review!