Holiday Lookbook | Day Two

                Primark £7 for both.

Dress - Miss Selfridge £36
Sandals - Matalan £12
               Necklace - £1.50 (part of a set)
Bracelet - Primark
                      Purse/PHONECASE  - Primark

Foundation - Garnier BB cream
                      Concealer - Rimmel Wake Me Up 
                      Eyebrows - Collection Eyebrow Kit
                      Eyeshadow - MUA trio in chocolate box
                      Mascara - 2true paparazzi volume defined
                      Gel Eyeliner - Rimmel Scandaleyes gel liner (comes with brush)
                      Bronzer - Benefit Hoola 
                      Blusher - Collection blush in Basful with The Body Shop brush
                      Lipstick - Miss sporty in Sweet Berry

On these images you can see I burnt my neck! Who burns their neck. Grrrrrr. It looked awful but that's what happens when you forget to put suntan lotion on one part of your body oops!
I've been obsessed with plaits on this holiday. Mostly because it means I can parten my hair in different partings and have it so it's not in my face ( also the plaits covered my burnt neck, WIN). I like to have my hair in a parten because it helps the roots go away. The sun lightens my hair so why not put it to good use and try and lighten my dark roots? So you can see I wore my Primark bikini which I'm in love with btw with my two pippi long-stocking plaits which I had in a middle parten.
The bikini is amazing fit and it's so different to what I normally get and the bright green straps really stand out against a tan. It was a thought decision between this bikini and my Triangl one as to which one to wear twice. I always take less bikinis than days because my favs I like to wear twice but only had one day spare. Obvs I went for the expensive one but this was so clues and yet so far away in price wise. Deffo good value for money with this.

I was on the look out for a new maxi dress as I've wore my good old faithful black one on like every holiday so it was time. I am a bit fussy when it comes to maxi dresses as it needs to have some sort of detail to it whether it be a frilly layer on the top or some nice straps. This one from Miss Selfridge is good as it's a gorgeous design with bright colours and a frilly layer on the top which is flattering as I'm always aware of my stomach in maxi dresses so this sort of hides it which is a winning factor!

Also, do you like my hair?! My mam used to do French plaits in my hair when I was little but I used to hate it cause she would do it so tight so I was a little scared to ask her to do this one and yes she's still harsh. But it turned out lovely and it was so good for the next day to keep my hair out of my face whilst sunbathing. Just wish I could do it myself, everyday. This would be perfect for festival hair.

                               Yay or nay for plaits? 

                               LLC x


  1. Love your blog girl, especially your holiday outfits... We have a similar style I think :)
    Followed, hope you take a peek at mine. xx

    Katie Loves | UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    BlogLovin' : Katie Loves

  2. Hey:) Just found your blog and love it, so natural and happy and loveeee your Primark bikini.
    Keep up the great work beauty. Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know i'm loving it.

    Love Em. x


  3. Your makeup always looks so good :) Love the plaits as well, one of my favourite ways to style hair :)

    Hollie xx