Holiday Lookbook | Airport & Arriving.

                        Trousers - Matalan 
                Top - Matalan
                       Sandals  - Matalan
                 Bag - Matalan
                        Jacket - New Look

BIKINI - Debenems by Floozi.

That week has got to be the quickest week ever. It's flown by, but they do say "time flies when you're having fun" and I was most certainly having fun in the sun.

Anyway I'm bacckkkk guys! 

I went to Tenerife for a week with my mam and grandma just to have a chill week and just to literally sunbathe the whole time. And that's exactly what we done.
We flew from Leeds which is a trek from Newcastle and we were flying at stupid o'clock so we had to basically set off in the middle of the night so this outfit was entirely for comfort! Which I'm not gonna lie, it always is for a flight. Nothing worse than feeling clostra (clostra phobic) during a flight when you're stuffed like a sardine in the middle which nowhere to go for 4 hours.
We stayed at a hotel called Santa Barbara Golf and Ocean club which is part of Diamond Resorts which is part of a holiday timeshare company. I've been here loads of times since we joined the timeshare about 7years ago and this is one of my fav places. The only thing is that it has only got a pool as the there isn't a beach as it is just rocks. But you can easily travel to find a beach as there is always one around the corner. The pool is amazing though.

They also have this amazing roof top terrace which has those perfect comfy seat which is great for those afternoons when the sun is getting a little cooler and you're getting a little irratated with the sun but don't want to give in. So everyday we ended up here for happy hour for some beers and sangria. (Oops) 
Then we had to head to the shop which is in the hotel for some essentials and of course, chocolate croissants are essential! So we then headed to our room for some good old cups of tea to have with our pastries and some beauty sleep. And yes that was my bed all to myself. It was the best bed I've ever came into contact with as it was huge and the view was amazinggggg.

I will be uploading my holidays posts in days so each I will be showing you guys what I wore that day and what makeup I was wearing etc. 
Make sure you're all following so you don't miss them.
And sorry I haven't posted in a while.


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  1. I went to this hotel a couple of years ago and loved it! So jealous x