Benefit #HowDoYouHoola Competition Winner | Photoshoot in London |

Well well well. Where do i start? This was possibly the most exciting weekend of my life. Never have i been so lucky to win a competition but to win a competition with one of my most loved brands and what a prize it was! I'm not going to lie, but i entered the comp hoping to win a personalised Hoola bronzer as they look so cool and all my followers know how much i love Hoola! But to win a photoshoot to feature in my own #howdoyouhoola campaign was just amazing.

Firstly, to enter the comp all you had to do was to post a pic to Benefit to show 'How do you Hoola'. I entered a couple of times because obvs i think i'm the best at hoola'ing but didn't win as you could win each week throughout May. I'd gave up trying to win towards the end and there was even a time when i thought i won but they had just posted a pic of some of their favs who hadn't won (WHAT A TEASE!).

Then, i got a comment on my instagram to say i'd won and to email them, to which i did but didn't hear back. (ANOTHER TEASE). So i tweeted them asking if it was true because i was so excited but didn't want to get my hopes up again like the first time but surely enough i had!!!!!!!!!!! 

I'd won a personalised Hoola and a photoshoot in London. To be honest i was a bit in the dark about what was happening in it as i didn't know if it was just me in the shoot or anything. Although at first i thought i wasn't able to make it due to work but luckily enough i got that sorted so the next part was finding someone to come with me. Last minute me and Adam (boyf) booked a lush hotel which you will have seen in my post about my trip to London.

The morning came when i woke up super early to make sure i had everything ready as we were also checking out that day so we had to have everything packed up but i also needed to make sure my nails were perfect and my eyebrows were groomed etc. Checked out and we headed for the tube to head over to Old Street station. First reactions were 'I think were lost'. As it wasn't the nicest of places and i am so glad i didn't go on my own. But we reached the studio which was Snap Studios and went inside to be greeted by the most loveliest girl called Annabel who lead us through to the studio.

Here we were met by Lauren the makeup artist who made us feel so at home i felt like i'd known her for ages, Aaman who is the one I've been emailing about this whole event so it was nice to put a face to the name and the rest of the gorgeous people. 
The champagne got popped open and the cupcakes were dished out. Lets just say i headed straight for the champers as my nerves needed settling and straight away i was took to hair and makeup. 

It probably took longer to do my makeup as i couldn't help but be nosy and peak through her makeup collection which was bloody amazing, all that Benefit makeup - WOW. 

Anyway, i got all dolled up and put the dress and shoes on and TA DAA. I felt a million dollars and everyone was commenting on who much i looked like the actual model (i wish). In walked the male models with their straw skirts and their bare chest (ooh la la) and now it was time to get started!

First of all we started shooting with just me and the surf board, got all the shots we needed and then it was time to be lifted on the surf board by these models. Now that i could get over BUT the fact that they had to balance the surf board (with me on it!) on their poor heads was just not funny. I'm not the heaviest person but then again i'm not exactly the lightest. Well, it was a laugh if anything but i am pretty sure the lads wont see it that way when they head to the hospital with broken necks! 

annnnnnd that's a wrap guys! What a fun shoot it was and afterwards i got the gift of the dress and the shoes to keep and also i got to take my beautiful personalised Hoola bronzer home which i can tell you know is for show only! I can't wait to see the photos and don't worry i will be posting it as soon as i get to see them! 

Think i make a good model? I'm normally on the other side of the camera! 



  1. Wow what an amazing experience, congratulations on winning x

  2. You look amazing! Such a cool prize, and I'm completely in love with that pink surfboard
    Caitlin I The Aperitif

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing time! :) What camera did you use here lovely?